Don goat facts

The Don goat is a multi-purpose breed of goat utilized for the production of milk, wool, and goatskin.

The strain is from the Don River of the Lower Volga territory in Russia. Don goat generates the highest wool each individual goat sheared of almost any goat breed.

Don goat is a moderate-sized goat. Their own body is more roundish in shape compared to does, and also the skeleton is larger in bucks.

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They have a strong constitution, good conformation, and undercoat wool that is sufficient around the stomach, neck, and the entire body.

They are occasionally white, although they are predominantly black in color.

They have big horns which are variable in shape. Back of the bucks is straight, long, and wider than the does. The bucks are bigger than the does.

The average body weight of the adult male Don goat ranges from 65 to 85 kg. And also the does on weight approximately 35 to 40 kg.

Along with milk is also produced by the strain using fat content.

The breed was found in 1933-34 by an expedition of the All-Union Institute of Goat and Sheep Husbandry studying goats.

It had been called Don due to its location, their habitat covers the basin of the Don River and it’s tributaries.

Don goat uses

Don goat is a multipurpose breed of goats. They are kept for the manufacture of wool milk and goatskin. They are somehow good for beef production.

The Don goat is valued due to its skin. The goatskin is largely employed for footwear.

Along with the pelt of these goats slaughtered in fall has great fur quality determined by the structure of this fleece (it is density and wool fibers more than guard hairs).

They can be utilized as a basic material in the fur market. The sheepskin is produced by Romanov sheep, as well as the Don goats are similar to this particular sheep.

Don goats are hardy animals and usually of excellent behavior.

They possess wool production among all goat breeds. Wool production from the bucks ranges from 550 to 1600 grams.

And production out of does range from 330 to 1430 g. Average wool content at the fleece of this Don goat is about 61.5 about 92.2 percent.

The goats are very prolific with an average kidding speed of 145 to 150 children per 100 does.

The Don does are also excellent. On average they’re capable of producing about 130-140 liters of milk per lactation period.

Their lactation span is approximately 5 months. Milk of this Don goat is noted for large fat content. Their milk comprises an average of 3.3 to 8.2 pounds content.

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