Dorper Sheep facts

Dorper sheep mainly raised for meat. A South Africa fast-growing meat breed developed around 1930 by crossing the Dorset Horn and Blackheaded Persian. The breed is aimed to get adjusted to arid regions of South Africa, with efforts from the South African Department of Agriculture. Dorper sheep farming is the most profitable business.

Dorper Sheep Characteristics

The breed has the characteristic blackhead (Dorper) as well as whiteheads (White Dorper).

Dorpers are hornless with good body length and a short light covering of hair and wool.

Lambing intervals can be eight months. 

Under good forage conditions and with good management the Dorper ewe can lamb three times in two years.

An even distribution of a thin layer of fat compliments the breed.

A Dorper ewe will produce 2.25 lambs on an annual basis.

The Dorper lamb grows rapidly and attains a high weaning weight which again is an economically important characteristic.

Lambs gain weight quickly, mature early and maybe mated at around 9 months.

Rams reach sexual maturity at an early age, rams have been observed to start working by five months.

Both rams and ewes are usually polled.

Live weight of about 36 kg can be reached by the Dorper lamb at the age of 3- 4 months.

Dorper is skin covering which is a mixture of hair and wool, which will drop off on its own.

Dorper is a hair sheep don’t need shearing.

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Things to know

The name ‘Dorper‘ is a coupling of the first syllables of the parent breeds Dorset and Persian.

The Dorper sheep can grow  50 kg (110 lb) in five months.

Cape Glovers is a marketed name under which Dorper skin is sold.

The Dorper sheds its fleece during the warmer months – late Spring/Summer, know more about Dorper sheep farming.

Brief characteristics of Dorper Sheep

Breed NameDorper sheep
Other NameDorset Persian
Country/Place of OriginSouth Africa
Breed PurposeMeat and wool
Breed Sizemedium
90 kg -120 kg
Ewe(Female)50 kg – 80 kg
Kiddingone to two lambs
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing  and Stall-fed
Climate ToleranceAll Climates

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