Droughtmaster cattle breed information

The Droughtmaster cows are a breed of beef cattle raised for meat production. It was designed by several cattlemen from North Queensland, Australia.

It was actually developed from crossing Brahman and British cattle breeds (especially the Beef Shorthorn) throughout the early 1900s. It’s a breed at the Australian Tropics which has great tick immunity.

Along with the breed can use the environment and the pastures in the most effective way to obtain higher weight and good fertility.

Currently, the Droughtmaster cattle are available across the mainland states, with the largest numbers are available between Cape York and the New South Wales border. The breed has also exported into Pakistan and also as to South-East Asia, Nigeria along with several South Pacific islands.

Droughtmaster cattle breed information

Droughtmaster cattle are usually red in colour, with variations from a honey color and are medium to large creatures.

Their body is good and have a glossy coat. They are either horned or polled, however the huge bulk of the animals are polled.

Their ears are moderate to large in proportion. The animals have an dewlap and a medium sized hump.

They have reddish pigmentation which helps them to shield them from photosensitization udders and cancer eye.

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Droughtmaster cattle benefits

Droughtmaster cattle are a beef cattle breed. They are raised for meat production.

The Droughtmaster cows are known for ease of calving, good fertility, and superior mothering ability under circumstances.

They are rather silent in nature. They’re excellent foragers and have high resistance to tick and coriander.

They have very great tolerance capacity, and so are well adapted to the harsh and neighborhood environment. The breed is quite great for meat manufacturing with good quality meat and dressing percentage.

They are quick growers nor slow, and therefore so are moderate growers. They have demonstrated average daily weight gains in pasture and feedlot trials compared to other cattle breeds.

Big commercial Droughtmaster herds are operating on native pastures in the Queensland and the Northern Hemisphere and they are rapidly gaining prominence in the traditional”British-bred” areas in southern Australia. Currently, the Droughtmaster cattle are available in a few regions outside Australia.

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