Endangered Sayaguesa cattle

The Sayaguesa cattle are an early, aurochs-like strain of cows which are traditionally used as working and draft animals.

It is also known as Zamorano cattle and the strain is derived from Sayago from the state of Zamora at the Spanish autonomous community of Castile and León.

The Sayaguesa cattle are a really rare breed today and now there are just a few animals abandoned. Along with the breed is listed as endangered since 1997.

Their numbers are diminishing and there are many reasons for this. Largely the farmers blend them with breeds that are much more effective or do not use them.

Because breeds similar to this have a low economical rentability. This results in a few phenotypes left.

Sayaguesa cattle characteristics

The Sayaguesa cattle are long-legged big animals. Bulls and cows are vary in coloration.

The bulls are often black in color and often have a mild eel stripe. The cows are just marginally milder.

Both bulls and cows have horns, and their horns are aurochs-like and hauled forward (especially in bulls).

They have a whitely colored mouth. But the Sayaguesa cattle do not have several national cattle breeds’ short face.

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The typical height of the Sayaguesa cows at withers is approximately 1.45 m in cattle and 1.65 m in bulls.

The bulls on the average burden between 1100 and 1000 kg. And normal bodyweight of these cows differs from 650 to 700 kg.

Sayaguesa cattle facts

The Sayaguesa cattle are traditionally being used as working and draft animals. But they are also great for meat.

Sayaguesa cows are proven to be very hardy and powerful.

They are frugal and strong and needs barn or no refuge during the year.

This cattle breed is employed in character conservation and rewilding projects, due to its similarity.

Today the number of ancient animals is less and it’s a rare breed of cows.

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