Enderby Island rabbit breed

Enderby Island rabbit is a European breed of rabbit. It’s an uncommon breed originated from the rabbits. Even Enderby Island, a subantarctic island in New Zealand’s Auckland Island group.

The Enderby Island rabbit breed is known as simply or Enderby rabbit Enderby. The breed was developed to serve as castaway food. Over 130 years the inhabitants became a selection. That the Enderby Island anglers were exterminated for wildlife management motives from Enderby Island.

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand rescued a breeding group of 49 rabbits in September 1992. There have been 50 rabbits at the breeding group. But one died because of a back injury throughout the rescue.

Today the Enderby Island rabbit as a breed is not only uncommon but also endangered. The strain is endangered due to the large number of hybrids created with people crossing the Enderby. Enderby Island rabbits have been neither recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association nor by the British Rabbit Council.

Enderby Island rabbit breed information

The Enderby Island rabbit is a small to medium-sized breed. Even though the breed descended from the Silver Greys which were much more heavy weighing around 4 kg.

But the Enderby Island anglers have evolved to be somewhat smaller with a mean bodyweight of about 2 kg. They’ve fine bone body having quite daring eyes.

They are primarily silver-grey in color, with the undercoat of dark color. Their ears, heads, and tails are dim, occasionally black.

Their head is a perfect’V’ shaped laid onto the side of it and the head appears small for your body.

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Due to a gene of the Enderby Island bunny, a tiny proportion of the infants are born cream or beige in color. Their ears are nice and transported upright in a ‘V’ shape. The ears also have darker fur and silvering that is lighter.

Enderby Island rabbit benefits

Enderby Island rabbits were obviously evolved by the English Silver Greys. They had been evolved for the sole aim of providing meals for virtually any shipwrecked sailors or passengers in the Southern many islands of New Zealand.

The Enderby Island bunny can be very skittish and nervous. And they generally look out for any and predators threat all of the time.

That makes them desire to burrow and hide. Enderby Island rabbits can be quite affectionate, especially if a food or treat is supplied.

They’re very clean creatures and like to keep their following place clean. Although they have not really been adapted for the indoor environment so that they do love being outdoors all of the time. They are hardy.

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