Evolene cattle breed information

The Evolene cows are a dairy breed of cattle raised mainly for milk production. It’s an old breed of dairy cattle in the Valais canton of Switzerland.

It is currently an endangered strain and is available broadly in Upper Wallis (Oberwallis). Earlier animals were exported into the Aosta Valley and also to Austria and they have been crossed with all the cattle breeds found there like the Tuxer or even Valdostana cows.

And with cows fighting because of their standing in long fights the Evolene cattle are very competitive like the Herens and Tux cattle.

Evolene cattle breed information

Evolene cattle are medium sized creatures with pied or pied in coloration. The areas of the fur are around the trunk and the abdomen, just. They are very muscular with neck muscles at the cows.

The Evolene cows have short but powerful legs and a mind that is brief and broad.

Both cows and bulls have horns, and their horns are long and very powerful. Normal height of the bulls is about 130 cm.

And the cows are bigger compared to bulls.

The cows on typical weight around 400 to 500 kg. And dwell bodyweight of the bulls range from 600 to 700 kg.

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Evolene cattle breed benefits

Cattle are increased as a dairy cows strain. They are used for milk production, and good for the creation of beef.

The Evolene cattle are animals that are extremely hardy and powerful. They adapted to mountain biking, and are well adapted to native ponds. The breed is good for meat production, but used for milk production.

The cows generally could create about 3,200 pound of milk each year. Their milk manufacturing is similar to the Herens cattle. Milk of this Evolene cow is made of very superior quality containing about 3.8% of butterfat content.

The cows are competitive with cows fighting because of their standing in battles, in nature.

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