Farm 2 : Rajeshwari Organic Farm

Farming is a way of life. Most of them think farming is tough. But I claim nothing is difficult when you take it at a personal level.
Starting an Organic farm in completely neglected land is shown here. The land is not used for almost 30 years. My grandfather used to cultivate sugarcane and cotton here. Now complete wild plants and shrubs are grown here. In order to make it complete chemical-free farming, I am replicating the same farming techniques used in “Vihaan Natural Farming”.
The word Organic itself makes many to think complete chemical-free food.

At the present rate of consumption and availability of food at the market, we might get cheated by the word “Organic” quite often. As per my study, only 70% of the food which they say “Organic” is chemical, rest all mixed up. I can’t blame anyone for the situation. The only solution for this confusion on consumption of chemical-free food, we need to grow yourself.

I have been following Rob Greenfield( for many years now. He is the person who coined the term “Food Freedom” which means growing and foraging 100% of your food. Though this looks interesting, it’s quite hard to grow your own food.

Here are the few of the videos of our land preparation at the new site. You can play the complete playlist in youtube.

When you have control of your food, you have control over your body too. What you take, you become. Just like you cannot fill petrol in a diesel engine car. We are in a tornado of diseases, easily affected. Why do we get them, it’s all because of the quality of the food we intake.

I propose a mantra to all my followers, a family can live happily with just one acre of land. They can grow food, have a beautiful home, and a healthy family. Rest whatever we have is a complete waste. Give importance to your quality of life.

I agree city dwellers say, they maintain a diet, hit the gym and stay healthy. I can agree partly on to it. It sounds just like this, I am ok to get bit by Cobra because I have antivenom. We have damaged the surrounding of us, no place to even get good sunlight nor pure air to breath. We are in semi concentrated camps of poisonous gases. As our body has the adaptability to adjust, we are still surviving. But that adaptability can’t stay for long, it will get affected by all carcinogenic matter.

Let’s all take a pledge to live a simple life, and improve our quality of life. Adapt basic things to stay healthy.

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