Farm Life Week 4

Natural Farming is not deep-rooted not convincing to our farmers too. Do you know why, because all the present day farmers know is the use of pesticides and a truckload of manure which will only get better results? But they know the answer too, even this is not yielding better a good crop nor good money.

Stop being a farmer and a murderer at the same time, Say no to poisonous chemicals.

I am not here to disprove the famous theory of  “Green Revolution “.  I am here to tell you that if you use chemicals to kills pests, the same product will have a poison that we consume too. You are being a farmer and a murderer at the same time.

In an ethical way, you should not use poisonous chemicals on your farm.

Let’s do farming Chemical free way. Below is the glimpse of our village and some shots from our farm too. It’s a small change I am working towards, though it’s taking more time and energy, its worth a try to save the world.  You may ask what can I do alone to save the world? A small change is a change which can impact me and my surrounding and this is the small world I live in.

2 thoughts on “Farm Life Week 4”

  1. 25th Nov 18.
    I totally agree with your views on chemical free farming. It amounts to consuming poisonous chemicals ourselves for sure thru cultivated crop and produce.Your efforts are appreciated. I am 73 and wish to learn natural farming, for motivating my son who is 41 to get retired from job at 45 age and pursue natural farming. Can I ask for your time to meet in person for a guidance in this matter? I am at Bangalore. Bipin Shah


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