Faroese sheep characteristics

Faroese sheep primarily raised for meat. The Sheep are native to the Faroe Islands. During the Viking Age, the Faroese sheep were brought to the Faroese Islands. But during the 1840s more Scottish sheep were brought to improve wool and more meat.

Faroese sheep breed information

Faroese are small and hardy sheep that are left for grazing on the hills all year long.

Faroese sheep come in 300 different colors and shades.

The flocks divide into small groups, which range and graze across wide pasturelands.

The mature Faroese ram weighs 40 kg(85 lb) and ewe weighs 30 kg(65 lb).

They are seasonal breeders.

Faroese sheep produce one offspring per season. 

Rams are horned and ewes are polled.

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Things to do

The Norse people who settled in the Faroe Islands. The name Føroyar (Faroe Islands) is derived from the Norse language as “Sheep Islands”.

Sheep are left on the island for grazing, once a year the owners will bring them to shear and for meat. Each sheep has a distinctive ear cut, to denote ownership.

There are 54 different official cuts, no two ear cuts will be similar based on ownership. It is not permitted to use the same combination twice on the same island.

The pastureland is divided to maintain these sheep for each of the residents.

Back then the wool of Faroese sheep was told as “Wool is Faroese gold” 

Sheep are slaughtered for food every autumn and preserve all year round.

While wool and woolen garments used to constitute the majority of Faroese export.

Brief characteristics of Faroese sheep

Breed NameFaroese sheep
Other Name 
Country/Place of OriginFaroe Islands
Breed Purposemeat
Breed Sizesmall
40 kg(85 lb)
Ewe(Female) 30 kg(65 lb)
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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