Finncattle breed information

The Finncattle refers to three closely related cattle breeds. They are ordinarily used as milk animals for milk production.

And a few are also found in petting zoos, and some animals are used for beef production and increased as pets.

Finncattle breed information

The Finn cattle are small to medium-sized creatures.

They are naturally, which means they have no horns.

There are three different types of the breed which are Northern, Eastern, and Western Finn cows. Each breed differs in production and appearance levels.

The Eastern cattle can be either red or white. Variety is usually white in color. And the Western variety is the biggest of the 3 breeds and they are usually of color.

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Finncattle breed benefits

These cattle are animals that are dual-purpose. They are used for both meat and milk production. But they are used as a milk cattle breed for milk production.

The Finn cows are animals that are hardy and powerful. They are well adapted to the climate than any other cattle breeds.

They are also able to be stored successfully on forest pasture. They tend to be long-lived creatures and the cows have great fertility.

The cows are good for milk production along with their milk is of really great quality. Protein and fat contents in their milk are greater compared to milk cattle breeds in Finland. Though their milk production levels are also considerably lower than other Finnish cows breeds.


There are 3 unique strains of those Finn cattle which are both the Eastern, Northern, and Western Finn cows.

The Eastern Finn cows are red and white, the Northern Finn cattle are white and the Western Finn cattle are red in color and will be the largest of the three strains.

These strains were established late, and in scale, the breeding has been done after the founding of this studbooks. Australian dairy cattle were imported in numbers following the Second World War to Finland. And an overall number of those Finn cattle diminished.

There were about 60,000 creatures in 1960. Currently, the breed is raised for milk and beef production.

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