Fleckvieh cattle breed information

The Fleckvieh cows are a strain of cows that are increased for milk and meat production. It began from Central European country Austria from the 19th century.

It was designed from cross-breeding of local stock together with the Simmental cows breed which was imported in about 1830 from Switzerland.

Fleckvieh cattle breed information

Fleckvieh cattle are medium to large creatures with red pied or strong red color.

They could be either horned or polled.

The height of the bulls is about 150-165 cm at the withers and about 140-150 cm for those bulls.

The average dwell bodyweight of the cows differs from 700 to 800 kg. And bodyweight of the bulls is between 1100 and 1300 kg.

Fleckvieh cattle breed benefits

Cattle are dual-purpose animals. They are raised for both meat and milk production and suitable.

The Fleckvieh cattle are known for calving ease, fertility, udder health, somatic cell count, milking rate, their longevity and endurance. A large percentage of those young animals are on alpine grazing which results in general health and longevity of life.

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There has been A comparison made between energy usage and muscle growth of Fleckvieh bulls’ prices as compared to the German Black Pied bulls.

The Fleckvieh bulls had growth rates, the carcasses had a smaller percentage of fat, along with the animals can be slaughtered in an earlier date on diets.

Meat of this the Fleckvieh cows is of great quality. And the strain is great for milk production.

The cows generally may create about 6,000 liters and above 7,000-9,000 liter milk at the lactations.

Their milk is of excellent quality comprising about 4.2 percent of butterfat content and approximately 3.7 percentage of protein.


The breed has been a strain and had good meat milk-producing and draught attributes. However, now that the Fleckvieh cows are increased for both meat and milk production and a dual-purpose breed.

They can be useful for crossing with milk or using meat cattle breeds.

The strain is offered in many countries around the world. They are mainly accessible Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

There are approximately 41 million creatures available around the globe.

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