Games about chickens: How to Keep chickens happy and healthy?

Keeping your chickens happy and healthy will bring in more eggs and keep the flock disease-free. There are certain games about chickens, which are very simple to create and fun with them.

Keeping chickens always active is not a good idea, as hens require rest in order to give healthy eggs. But there are certain games and activities which are not harmful to hens.

Few of the fun and easy games about chickens

Chickens only get attracted to bright colors and food. So keeping these two things in mind, we have to design the games about chicken.

1.Cabbage love

Chickens love cabbage. Tie a cabbage in the chicken coop or to the branch of the tree.

They love to jump up and bite. Group of chicks will fight for the small pieces fallen on the ground, it will be fun to watch.

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2.Open Pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin into half and serve them. Keep these two half at a certain distance away. Every chicken in your backyard will be here, feasting on the pumpkin seeds. A very healthy diet as well for the chickens.

3. Pecking for aroma

Chickens love pecking, their smelling senses kickoff to search for something inside the ground or hay.

Take the treat which your chickens like, maybe some worms or fruit slices. Dig a small hole and place them there or just cover the worms with hay, your chicken love to peck. The aroma of this treat will make them happy once they find the treat.

4. Chicken run

They love to run behind the food. Take a few peas, grapes or any roll veggies and roll them near to chicken. They love to catch them.

Now up the game to roll them even forward, chickens will race against each other to get them. Kids love to play this game with the chickens. likewise, also try with cranberries.

5. Chicken jump

In a similar way as above, toss the treats into the air. Few active chickens will jump into the air, and grab them. Few fatty ones will wait for them to land. But keep in mind, do not make the laying hens too tired, it will affect your egg production.

6. Old rotting log

A rotten log is a treat for chickens. They love to feast on termites. Along with the insects if you add some more treats like cooked rice or mashed banana it will be heaven for them.

Chickens love to peck the old logs, they are curious and will be like opening chest for some precious treats. The addition of cooked rice or banana will enhance their quest struggle.

7. Summertime Watermelons

A summertime retreat keeps your chickens cool in summer. The watermelon can be served as cubes or cut into half or frozen cubes. They will peck. A healthy treat that keeps your chicken busy.

8. Yogurt bag

Good to have probiotics to their system. Yogurt keeps their stomachs good. Tie a yogurt bag, make a small hole, let the yogurt droplets fall down. Chickens love to play with the drops, tries to catch them. Finally, they love to play and have yogurt.

9. Fake dolls

Fake dolls either scare them or keep their curiosity high. For example, place a rubber chicken near to them, to won’t come near for some time, but later they will either peck them or be aggressive on them. Either way, it will be fun to watch.

10. Baked food

Baked food like a bagel, french loaf or cookies are always much liked by chicken. Hang them or toss them, chickens will come in no time to finish.

11. Sprouts or worms

Do chickens love sprouts or worms? Is that an option? They love both. Throw them on the ground, they will peck the goodies. Even they love ice cubes.

These are some of the fun games about chickens to keep them healthy and happy.

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