Gaolao cattle breed information

The Gaolao cattle are a breed of cattle. It goes back to the subspecies Bos indicus and is a strain. It is raised chiefly as a dairy cows strain and used as a draught animal.

The breed originated in the western and middle region consisting of Wardha district in Maharashtra, Balaghat and Chindwara districts in Madhya Pradesh and district in Chhattisgarh country. It’s also referred to in some regions as Gaulgani and Arvi.

Gaolao cattle breed resembles Ongole breed, but it’s lighter compared to Ongole. It’s said the Marathas created this breed into a type suitable for military transport. When invading the regional Gond Kingdom the breed was used from the Maratha army for military purposes.

According to the older records, the Gaolao cattle had honest milk. But the choice was directed mainly towards creating a capacity for the quick draft during the previous two centuries. The breed is found in Nagpur, Wardha, and Chindwara’s districts.

Gaolao cattle breed information

Gaolao cattle are also have build body and of moderate height animals. They are usually of white to gray complexions in coloration.

The Bulls are grey in color over the throat, hump and quarters along with the cows are white in color.

Their body is light build and have a tendency to be thin and extended. Their mind is markedly long and narrow with a direct profile usually tapering towards the muzzle and slightly broader at the bottom of the horns.

Forehead of the animals is horizontal, though it appears to recede at the top. They are given a convex look by such forehead. Their eyes are placed somewhat at angles and are of almond-shaped.

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Their ears are carried high and are of the medium in proportion. Both bulls and cows usually have horns, and their horns are short and stumpy, dull in the points, and commonly slope slightly backward.

The Gaolao cattle have a short neck, using a hump that is reasonably well-developed. Their hump hangs onto a single side and is loose.

Their quarters are drooping, and the limbs are straight and muscular. The dewlap of these animals is large and the sheath is reasonably developed.

Their hooves are durable and hard and are of medium size. Their hooves are suited to street and hillside work.

The skin of the Gaolao cattle is slim but loose and their tail is relatively brief reaching just a bit below the hocks.

Gaolao cattle breed benefits

Gaolao cows are dual-purpose animals. They’re increased for both milk production and also for purposes.

The Gaolao cattle are creatures that are energetic and extremely hardy. They are extremely suitable for transportation function in the areas.

The bullocks are best trained for moving. It’s discovered that the native home of the breed is situated along the road taken by the Rig Vedic Aryans in the Northern moves through Central to the Sothern India.

The breed is closely like the Ongole cows with increased agility. The cows are fairly good to bad milkers. They’re capable of generating about 604 kg of milk per lactation.

Though their milk production can vary in 470 to 725 kg per lactation. Their milk is made of very excellent quality comprising about 4.32 percent of butterfat content.

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