Garganica goat facts

The Garganica goat is a very beautiful breed of goat mainly raised for meat and milk production.

The Garganica goats are an extremely lovely medium-sized creature.

Their coat color is largely glossy black with reddish lights. Both bucks and does have horns. The minds of the Garganica goat are quite modest and adults have long, coarse black or dark chestnut hair.

The bucks are larger in size than the does. The skin of these children is prized because of their curly-haired, raven-black hair follicles.

The height of the bucks is approximately 85 cm, and 75 cm for does.

The bucks on average weight about 65 kg, along with also the does weight approximately 50 kg.

It was originated in the Gargano promontory from the Puglia region of southern Italy.

Garganica goat strain derives from cross-breeding of neighborhood animals with the imported goats from western Europe.

Perhaps it was designed in exactly the identical moment since the importation of Merino sheep that resulted in the formation of this Gentile di Puglia sheep strain.

The Garganica goat is native to the Gargano, and from there it has spread to other parts of Puglia and to neighboring regions.

The breed is just one of the eight autochthonous Italian goat breeds where a genealogical herdbook is retained from the Associazione Nazionale della Pastorizia, the Italian national association of sheep-breeders.

The breed standard has been approved. In the last few decades, the amounts of the breed have dropped sharply.

You will find 33,725 goats out there in 1870, then dropped to 18,000 from 2002. In 2007, the conservation status of Garganica goat strain was listed as “endangered” by the FAO. There have been a total of 3000 hens, where 511 hens were enrolled in the herdbook in 2008.

The registered population increased recently, along with also the enrolled population was 773 at the end of 2013.

Garganica goat benefits

The Garganica goat is a dual-purpose breed of goat. It’s mostly used for meat and milk production.

The coat of this goat is prized because of their raven-black hair.

Garganica goat is extremely hardy and lively. It’s noted for its toughness, to being raised in a state in habitats that were very 23, and it is well suited.

Exactly the are good milk producers. Milk creation of Garganica goat is reported as 120 liters in 170 g, and 180 days for nannies in 210 days for ones.

Their milk is used for producing the Gargano’s traditional cheeses. The meat of this Garganica goat is excellent.

The meat is traditionally used for making muscisca, that is a conventional meals of transhumant pastoralists.

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