Gascon cattle Breed information

The Gascon cattle are beef cows breed which are raised mostly for beef production. The breed is originally bred at the French Pyrenees where limited resources and the harsh weather resulted in the adaptations.

There are two distinct kinds of strain that are à muqueuses aréolé along with noires. They were united into a single herdbook in 1955 but were again made two unique strains in 1999.

The breed is connected to the Blonde d’ Aquitaine and the Piedmontese and is found in the region of Gascony in France. The strain was exported to a lot of countries and accessible in Great Britain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Spain.

Sperm of these Gascon cows are being exported more and more every year to South America and exports are all planned for African countries. Read more info regarding the strain.

Gascon cattle Breed information

Gascon cattle are medium sized animals and they have. Hardness to their fur is one of the characteristics which lets them withstand cold weather than other cows. And their fur is extremely thick which enable to shed water.

They’re born red and become at about four months of age, although the Gascon cows are mainly gray in colour.

They have black shading underneath although the bulls are usually gray. Both cows and bulls usually have horns.

Hooves of the Gascon cattle are very robust and this attribute permits long distances to walk. Mature bulls stand around 145 cm at the shoulder, along with the older cows roughly 135 cm.

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Dwell bodyweight of the bulls is between 800 and 950 kg. And live body weight of the mature cows varies kind 550 to 700 kg.

Gascon cattle Breed benefits

The Gascon cows are mainly a beef cattle breed. They are raised mostly for meat production. But the breed can also be great for draught purposes.

The Gascon cattle are adapted to this weather and sources. And they can endure and work any circumstance, mainly because of these adaptations. They spend their summers good about the Pyrenees and winters at the low lands. They could function in huge changes in the climate.

The cows are noted for easy calving and mothering skills. The calves grow faster and they are more sturdy than the calves of different cattle breeds.

Gascon cattle don’t require much food as compared to other cattle breeds. They are extremely hardy, and also their hardiness permits them to accommodate creating formally recognized good quality meat and themselves everywhere.

The cows are fairly great milkers and create enough milk. The strain was employed as a draught animal before.

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