Gloucester cattle breed information

The Gloucester cows are a multipurpose breed. The strain originated in Gloucestershire and surrounding regions from England’s West Country. , although it was valued because of their milk production also raised.

The strain was once valued for providing draught oxen that were strong and docile. Other cattle breeds of Gloucester type were numerous from the Cotswold Hills and the Severn Valley of England as early as the 13th century.

There was one important herd and the breed was in danger of extinction. The Gloucester Cattle Society was revived in 1973 along with the breed has moved from near thirst to be rated with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as being “At Risk”.

And there are fewer than 750 breeding cows that are enrolled. Read some more information regarding the strain.

Gloucester cattle breed information

Gloucester cows are moderate sized animals with body that is large. They are generally a brown in colour on the trunk with stomach, a white tail and a white streak.

Calves, the cows and traces are brown in color and the bulls are black. The animals have a whitened finching stripe along the spine and continuing over the tail. The two horns and bulls normally have horns.

Their horns are turn, wide and fine upwards, white and normally well-developed in colour with dark tips. Their legs and head are black.

They have a muzzle that is dark with dark skin around nose and the eyes.

The cow’s weight approximately 500 kg. And the typical bodyweight of the bulls is around 750 kg.

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Gloucester cattle benefits

Gloucester cows are animals that are multipurpose. The breed was used for milk production. But it is likewise raised for meat production. The breed is also pretty good for purposes.

The Gloucester cattle are hardy and energetic creatures. They are relatively docile in nature as well as the bulls are very great for purposes.

They are amenable and react well to attention. The cows are excellent milkers and their milk is well suited for cheese making.

Their milk includes higher butterfat content and protein. The breed is also very great for creating a slender, quality carcass, with adequate marbling of fat over the meat for providing excellent taste.

The strain grows slower but creates beef that is terrific tasting and marbled.

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