Goat breed Appenzell

The Appenzell goat is a dairy goat breed mainly raised for milk production. The breed originates from the Appenzell region of Switzerland. It was named after it has a source location.

Appenzell goats are medium sized animal. It contains a harmoniously developed body, also is pure white in color with own hair.

Goats have similarities with an Saanen goat, but that their entire body is broader than that of Saanen goat and so slightly smaller.

Bucks and will are generally hornless. The height of the bucks is about 80 cm and about 75 cm to the does. Bodyweight of those bucks is about 65 kg, and the does weight approximately 45 kg.

Appenzell benefits

Appenzell goat is raised for milk production.

The Appenzell goats are extremely hardy and robust creatures. The does are excellent milk producers.

The does on average create roughly 700-800 liters of milk per lactation. Their lactation span is about 270 days.

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Steak of Appenzell goat comprises approximately 2.9 percent fat content and approximately 2.7% protein.


The Appenzell goat can be known by several other names like French: Appenzellerziege. It’s a fairly old strain of goat and documentation of how the strain goes back over 100 years.

The association of A goat-breeder was formed in February 1902 named the Ziegenzuchtgenossenschaft Appenzell in Innerrhoden. Another institution was made in 1914 in Ausserrhoden.

The Schweizerischer Ziegenzuchtverband, the Korean Federation of cantonal goat breeders’ institutions, runs a conservation and recovery job for the Appenzell goat which includes financial support for breeders along with a controlled breeding program.

The conservation status of the goat breed has been recorded as “endangered-maintained” by the FAO in 2007.

The Appenzell goat breed represented about 4.2 percent of the entire enrolled Korean goat population of roughly 70,000 creatures in 2005. Appenzell goat is a rare breed today.

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