Golden Cascade duck breed facts

The Golden Cascade duck is a dual-purpose breed of domestic duck originating in the United States.

The strain was developed by David Holderread of Corvallis, Oregon in 1979. David Holderread wished to create a strain that was active, decent egg layer, and fast-growing.

The Golden Cascade duck is a medium weight domestic breed of duck. They’re famous for the reddish tinge.

The drakes have Satin green or Bronze heads and beaks. Their breasts have underbodies and are reddish.

Light fawn can be turned by the neck of the drakes and they got the white ring on their own necks. On the flip side, the Golden Cascade duck (feminine ) has Buff or Fawn plumage and orange beaks with brown markings.


Elderly Cascade drakes can molt to fawn or buff that covers the mind and body. But first-year birds or the younger have a chestnut torso using the timeless fan to white shoulders, sides, and belly.

Their color that downward easily determined the gender of those Golden Cascade ducklings. The ducklings with darker color are females and lighter colored ducklings are males. The typical bodyweight of this Golden Cascade duck is about 2.7 to 3.6 kg.


Golden Cascade duck benefits

Golden Cascade ducks were created largely as a dual-purpose breed. And they’re suitable for both the eggs and meat manufacturing. They’re increased as laying birds Now and also popular as show birds.

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Golden Cascade duck is an active and a fast-growing duck breed. It’s a fantastic egg layer and also a meat duck strain that is good. The ducks set from January. Then take off and begin until the season’s conclusion. Spring ducklings will begin laying eggs. They are good as backyard birds and make great pets.

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The Golden Cascade duck was initially introduced into the marketplace by the mid-1980s as a dual-purpose breed from the year 1984.

The strain was known for it is a gold hue and for the dominant Cascade Range of the Northwest. It is increased for it is egg production and also as a backyard bird. However, the strain is not yet admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.


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