Gotland rabbit breed information

Gotland rabbit is a medium-sized Swedish number of the rabbit. It’s indigenous to the island of Gotland in Sweden.

Rabbits have been maintained for a long time, since the 1500s. Along with the Gotland, the rabbit is a selection of Sweden rabbits. It was a rabbit breed that is remarkably popular because of their diseases that are very great and health resistance capabilities.

But these days, it is a breed that is rare. Until all but burst, in compliance with the popularity of show breeds, this kind became heavier. A few numbers of Gotland rabbits have been found around the island of Gotland in the 1970s.

Today it is considered as an endangered selection, and a couple of numbers are available throughout the world.

There is an organization called ‘the Gotland Rabbit Society’, that is accountable for the breed’s preservation function. Although a lot of anglers of unfamiliar legacy may resemble a Gotland rabbit.

But rabbits born after parents enrolled by the Gotland Rabbit Society might be registered as such and have been regarded as purebred Gotlands. Registered rabbits are preserved in a gene lender registry.

Gotland rabbit breed information

The Gotland bunny is a medium sized breed. Most of the Gotland rabbits share a distinctive and recognizable type.

Gotland doe’s body is relatively elongated with a fine head. However, the bucks are generally more compact with a muzzle that is thicker and a rounder head. The bucks and does exactly the same in size.

And there’s no weight gap between the bucks and does. Their coat is short and fine. The coat is generally straight, though a rex Gotlands have been known.

The ears of Gotland rabbit are of medium length and comparatively thin, pointed rather than rounded. Their eyes are large with an alert expression.

And their eye and coat color could be any. The strain is nimble and fine-boned using a muscle abdomen. They’ve a slender nose.

The Gotland rabbit is a breed, as we have mentioned before. Normally, Gotland rabbit’s weight is between 3 and 4 kg.

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Gotland rabbit breed benefits

Gotland bunny was chiefly used for meat production. They are acceptable for beef production, along with superior as pets.

The Gotland bunny is usually a playful and inquisitive breed. They are hardy and well adapted to living outside.

They are very interested in their surroundings and quite curious. As a breed, they rarely affected by diseases or genetic defects. Gotland is a moderate excellent manufacturer, with an average of 6-8 kits per litter.

The does are really good mothers, and typically become very protective of their young. The Gotland kits grow in comparison to meat rabbit breeds.

However they need less maintenance, and accessibility to sufficient clean water is compulsory.

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