Hallikar cow and calf – New entry to the farm

Encouraging desi breeds, as we stay in the south part of India Hallikar is the local cow breed.  She (cow) had no name, we named her “Gowri” and calf in “Ganesh”.

The toughest part is not keeping Hallikar cow, its finding one. We searched 6 villages to find a local breed of cow. Finally, we found two families, but one agreed to sell.

Yes, she doesn’t give more than 4 liters a day, we haven’t kept her dairy. Also, it’s not good to see cows as dairy breeds and meat breed,  that is my viewpoint. But not all farmers see that way.

hallikar, natural farming, natural farm

Above and below pic shows the pooja for their entry. You just fall in love with these desi cows, they show tremendous attachment to the people.  We asked previous owners to get Gowri and Ganesha to the farm. They were not happy to depart, but there is a huge fodder shortage in the village. Everyone are victims here, hope we get enough rains this year so that fodder will regrow. 

hallikar, natural farming, natural farm

Gowri being 6 plus years old, she took almost 2 weeks to recover from the departure. She used to wait near the farm gate every evening to go back. Now she finally accepted a new farm as her home, she is comfortable. By the way, she is 6 months pregnant, we will be expecting one more baby here.

hallikar, natural farming, natural farm

Mom and son, relaxing under sesbania tree, they love naturally available fodder. They just relax in the morning and eat and run around in the evening.

The man in the picture is Sanjeev Reddy tata(grandfather), he is responsible for the smooth farming. Though we disagree with a lot of farming practices, I should listen to his 40 years experience most of the times.

It’s so hard to leave the farm and be back to Bangalore, once the weekend is over. I wish someday I stay back for the rest of my life, not thinking about which day it is.

The house behind is solely built to accommodate people who are interested in Natural farming or just to farm visit. We welcome you all to come to visit the farm, let’s share knowledge and have a good time.

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