Hinterwald cattle breed information

The Hinterwald cattle breed is a community breed of cows in the Black Forest. It is a dual-purpose strain of cows that is raised for both milk and beef production.

It’s the cow’s breed of Europe Now. Pro Specie Rara has built up a maintenance program for the animals since 1983. The Pro Specie Rara is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of compromised domestic species. And the Korean Hinterwald Breeding Society was founded in 1988.

The whole breeding program is organized by the Hinterwald Breeding Society today below it’s own direction.

The compiling of this movie and herdbook is the real centerpiece of the work of it. The Hinterwald cattle breed was”National Animal of the Year” in Germany in 1992.

Hinterwald cattle breed information

Cows are small sized animals. They’re pale-yellow to red speckled, variegated or strong at coloration.

They have a white head, frequently with eyespots. Both cows and bulls are all often horned. The height of the cows is roughly 118 cm at the withers and about 125 cm for those bulls.

The cows on the average weight of about 380 kg. And live body weight of the mature bulls is approximately 480 kg.

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Hinterwald cattle benefits

The Hinterwald cattle are creatures. They are used for both milk and meat production.

The Hinterwald cows are creatures that are strong and hardy. They are well adapted into the Alpine climate, especially to virtually all climates.

They have been bred to cope with extreme conditions like steep pastures cold winters and a frugal diet.

They are well known and noted for thriftiness, their longevity and lack. These qualities have led to a rise in the number of Hinterwald cows.

The Hinterwald cattle are easily satisfied animals through a century-long procedure of selection to slopes with cortical fodder supply and wholesome. The cows are compared to their body size. The breed is also remarkable for its flesh.

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