How big do American chinchilla rabbits get?

American Chinchilla rabbit is a popular breed and largely increased as a commercial meat bunny. Actually Chinchilla rabbits are a set of three rabbit strains, and the Western Chinchilla is the rarest of these Chinchilla breeds.

Giant Chinchillas and standards are available. A small population of the American Chinchilla rabbit is mainly on account of the passing of the rabbit fur industry during the late 1940s.

As the name implies the American Chinchilla rabbit is an American rabbit breed that was developed from the 1920s from the Standard Chinchilla rabbit strain.

American Chinchilla rabbits breed information

The American Chinchilla rabbit is a large breed also has a medium build compact body. It has a wide and short neck mind with short ears. It’s a rather soft coat of compact and medium length hair.

In which the hairs have different color bands in their length, most of these Chinchillas have colored. The tips of the hair are gray, the center color band is pearl and the under color (alongside skin) is dark slate blue.

Black ticking is unevenly spread over the majority of the entire body.

The stomach, neck, flanks and eye circles from the American Chinchilla rabbit have light, pearl ticking and the ears are laced with black.

The normal bodyweight of the Chinchilla rabbit is about 4-5.5 kg.

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American chinchilla benefits

American Chinchilla rabbit was mainly bred to be a fur and meat-producing strain. But today it is largely kept for meat production instead of fur, throughout the 1940s due to the passing of the rabbit fur industry. The strain is extremely acceptable for commercial rabbit farming.

American Chinchillas are very sturdy, docile, good-natured and quite gentle rabbit breeds. They are breeders, with an average litter of 6-9 kits.

The does generate litters that are large and have great mothering instincts. Bunnies grow and achieve market weight. The Chinchilla bunny has led to the growth of kinds and more breeds of a rabbit than any other strain of rabbit.

It is a really suitable strain for commercial beef production. Along with their meat to bone ratio is good. American Chinchilla rabbit’s lifespan is between 5 and 8 years.

The strain is very good as pets. The novice can take care of these, and they don’t need regular grooming.


Standard Chinchilla bunny is in France, and arrived at the United States in 1919. It was quite popular then and several breeders began to selectively breed the Chinchilla to maximize their dimensions.

Those big Chinchillas were referred to as the Heavyweight Chinchilla. Subsequently the breed was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1924 as a separate, large rabbit breed. And it had been named the American Chinchilla rabbit.

The breed is not very popular outside the USA and quite rare now. And It’s listed as critical from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

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