How big do American Sable rabbits get?

American Sable rabbit is a very handsome and helpful bunny strain. It is the result of crossing several types of Chinchilla rabbits. The breed emerged in the early 20th century. And was developed from the year of 1924 from Otto Brock, who dwelt in San Gabriel, California.

Following crossbreeding purebred Chinchillas the American Sable rabbit was created by him with coloring. Recessive genes at the Chinchilla lines produced a totally new color, using precisely the same body shape.

The Sable Rabbit Association has been first formed in early 1929. Following that the breed has been approved by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1931. And also approved in the Exact Same year by the Cavy Breeders Association. The breed is very rare now.

American Sable rabbits breed information

The American Sable bunny has a commercial body type and is appropriate for beef production. They’re medium in size and marginally more compact than other commercial rabbit strains, like the Satin or Californian.

The most important color of this American Sable rabbit is sepia brown with darker sepia brown above the trunk, foot, feet, tail, and ears. Their medium-sized body is nicely rounded with good muscle cover.

The breed has graduated coloring using a sepia brown across the flanks that darken around the face, feet, ears, back, and tail. It has eyes that possess a deep ruby red color. The hair of this American Sable rabbit is soft and fine.

However, the hair is quite dense and stinks over time. Their head is round and the ears are stored vertically. The normal body weight of this Sable bucks is about 3.1-4 kg and does about 3.6-4.5 kg.

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American Sable rabbits benefits

The Sable rabbit is a meat rabbit strain. They have good body dimensions and very appropriate for industrial meat production. With appropriate care these small creatures make cute and excellent pets.

American Sable bunny is a friendly breed also make great pets. They have docile character and are easily handled.

They usually spend nearly all the day sleeping, and so are most active at dawn and sunset. They revel in the company of other rabbits and are beings that are social.

Additionally they love human companionship and enjoy care from their owners. They will be very happy and keep playing in the event you give them some pitiful cat toys to play.

Their average lifespan is about 5 to 10 years.

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