How big do German Lop rabbits grow?

As its name suggests, the German Lop bunny is a national rabbit breed originated from Germany. It was created from the rabbit fanciers from Germany in the 1960s.

Throughout that time, the bunny breed enthusiasts made a decision to come up with a moderate-sized lop bunny breed that would complement the Dwarf, English and French varieties.

They started to strain French Lops and Netherlands Dwarves. A few breeds were introduced to improve which lent the Lop bunny the identifying long Roman nose of it.

The German Lop bunny breed was officially recognized in Germany in 1970 and awarded the title Deutsch Klein Widder. The breed had left it’s way also has been known in 1976. Lop bunny was recognized by the British Rabbit Council at the year of 1990.

German Lop rabbits breed information

The German Lop bunny is a medium sized breed. They are extremely cobby, massive and muscular. Their neck should be observable and it ought to be equally broad in the shoulder because the hindquarters.

The Lop rabbits’ legs are short, thick and straight. Along with parallel need to lie to the rump and not jutting out after resting. In a small curve based on the back should grow from a nape to some well-muscled rump that ought to be rounded. Their mind is developed using a width between eyes.

They are nicely rounded and have a Roman nose that is stunning and a cute and cuddly appearance. There is from the Lop does A dewlap real. German Lop bunny has broad ears which are of stuff.

Along with their ears hand down just behind the eyes without being carried backward or forwards. Their coat is composed of a medium length, thick, dense and soft and has a rather healthy undercoat with thick guard hairs.

Typical body weight of this German Lop rabbit is between 2.9 and 3.9 kg.

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There are many color forms of the Lop rabbit. And all recognized colors are accepted in addition to the butterfly design (but not the broken routine ). The recognized color collections are; Self (black, blue, blue-eyed white, chocolate, lilac, ruby eyed white), Shaded (sable, smoke or frosted pearl, tortoise, sable point, seal), Agouti (chestnut agouti, chinchilla, and opal), Ticked (silver fox, sable or champagne bead steel, golden triggered ) and Wide band (cream, orange, orange and red).

German Lop rabbit temperament

German Lop bunny was developed mainly as a series rabbit. They are great for showing for a few years. They increased as pets today, and are good since pets.

The German Lop bunny has a very likeable character. They’re quite serene and docile in temperament.

These attributes have made them great because pets, show animal or both. The females may be bred in their own seven to eight months of age.

The number of babies per litter ranges from 4-8.

German Lops are a pretty long-lived bunny strain. An accepted German Lop rabbit’s normal lifespan is up to 12 years.

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