How big do Thrianta rabbits get?

The Thrianta bunny is small to a moderate-sized creature with gorgeous orange-red fur. It is a rabbit breed that originated from the Netherlands.

Before being imported into the United Kingdom, but the Thrianta rabbits were developed in Germany in the early 1980s.

How big do Thrianta rabbits get?

The Thrianta rabbits have been moderate-sized breeds having a compact, soft, curved and balanced physique.

They are more slight and feminine in appearance whereas the bucks are manly looking. The strain has a coat that’s orange and crimson.

This Thrianta rabbit’s coloring has similarity to Irish Setter’s color. They have straight ears which are presumed to be red all around.

They’ve fawn coloring beneath their tail and paws. Their coat is thick, the span and soft is average.

As a moderate-sized rabbit breed, the average body weight of the Thrianta rabbit is between 2 and 2.7 kg.

Are Thrianta rabbit good pets?

Thrianta bunny is largely being kept as pets. They are appropriate for meat production as a medium-sized animal.

The Thrianta rabbits are mild and curious in nature. They make great companion animals. As a result of their size, they make excellent pets.

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Even for adult beginners and your children who wish to start raising rabbits. Like other rabbit strains, companionship is also liked by the Thrianta rabbit. So it is important for maintaining them happy, to maintain more than 1 rabbit.

The Thrianta rabbit’s lifespan is approximately 5 to 8 years. However, they could live longer for as much as 10 years if properly cared for and in captivity.

Thrianta rabbits are extremely simple to groom and attention. It is a strain that is fairly strong. So care ought to be taken. It can lead to injury to itself or the handler of it Since it’s a breed.


The strain was actually made for the House of Orange-Nassau. The first Thrianta rabbit was detected by John Deflori from the Alps. The strain was named after the ancient name for the Drenthe region.

The exact timing of the development of the breed is not obvious. But the experts believe that the Thrianta rabbit was developed during the 1930s. H. Andreae, that had been a college teacher bred a red-orange rabbit as a tribute to the nation’s Royal family (the House of Orange-Nassau).

For developing a red bunny, H. Andreae put Black and Tans, Havanas, and self-colored Tortoise Papilon together. However, the Thrianta rabbit arrived throughout the 1990s from England and the Netherlands from the USA. The breed is famous as pets.

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