How big does a checkered giant rabbit get?

The Checkered Giant rabbit was originated from the Lorraine region of France at the nineteenth century’s end. The strain was developed from large French lop-eared rabbits, Spotted rabbits, and the Giants.

Checkered Giant bunny made it’s way to the United States. The breed was initially known as the Lorraine, also is Called Giant Papillion in the United Kingdom. Papillion means blossom, which describes the signaling on a Checker’s nose. But the Giant Papillion from the UK is different in body type and markings.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes the Checkered Giant bunny. Now the breed is regarded as a show rabbit rather than a beef breed. Even though it’s thicker than other renowned rabbit breeds, like the Giant Chinchilla along with the Flemish Giant bunny.

checkered giant rabbit breed information

The Checkered Giant bunny is a large breed compared to some national rabbit breeds. It is thicker and larger than most popular rabbit breeds, such as the Giant and the Giant Chinchilla.

The Checkered Giant rabbits have a muscular build and slim type body. The body is long, arched back and the legs are long and strong. They have a head with broad ears that are held securely upright.

The coat of the Checkered Giant rabbit is white with coloured markings.

They have rings around cheek flashes, colored ears, the eyes along with a butterfly. Their fur is thick short and quite soft. A dorsal stripe runs down the backbone from ears to tail, using colored stains on the haunches.

Colour varieties of this Checkered Giant bunny are Blue. Average body fat with a matured Checkered Giant bucks is at least 5.0 kg plus an older doe weighs about 5.4 kg.

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checkered giant rabbit benefits

The Checkered Giant rabbit is a larger-sized rabbit breed. Nonetheless, it is rarely raised for meat production. Now the breed is mostly increased as a series rabbit breed.

The Checkered Giant rabbits are generally animal. They have temperament. They are rabbits and very active.

They are quite lively and require lots of exercise. Checkered Giant rabbit therefore are pets and normally performs really well in the home.

They are extremely friendly and easy going. They should be handled correctly and very carefully in the event of increasing as pets. Though, the Checkered Giant rabbits are sometimes said to be prone to aggressive behaviour.

The normal lifespan of a Checkered Giant rabbit is around 5 to 8 years. However they could live up to 10 years in captivity.

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