How big is a Serama chicken?

Serama chicken is also an ornamental breed originating at the Kelantan country of Malaysia within the previous 50 years.

The breed is also known as Ayam Serama and Malaysian Serama. It is the chicken breed in the Earth, weighting less than 500 grams.

It is an actual bantam chicken breed and is not standardized yet. Serama chicken was created through the crossing of Western bantams and some community Malaysian bantams.

And it had been called after the Thai King Raja Sri Rama. Due to its proud carriage; it carries itself erect, with a vertical tail and protruding breast.

Serama chicken Characteristics

Serama chickens have red colored single comb.

They have wattles and the earlobes are red or red combination.

Their legs are of medium. The legs are set wide apart to permit muscular and complete body. Serama chicken may appear in almost any colour.

They aren’t colour bred in Malaysia, thus there’s not any standard for this. It’s the chicken breed on earth.

Weight under 500 grams.

But smaller birds are available in it area Malaysia .

However, the size does not specify a Serama chicken.

A little chicken with no Serama type appearance isn’t a Serama, but another little bantam chicken.

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Serama chicken Temperament

Serama chicken is extremely friendly and docile. It loves to be with individuals and make excellent pets. Plus it’s one of the most well-known pets in the us.

The crow of cockerel’s is much more quiet compared to most other large breeds.

But the cockerels could be competitive and should not be kept together for avoiding fighting.

Serama chickens grow and reach adulthood. The hens are all year round egg layers and lay eggs that are smaller pale and have a tendency to move broody.

They are pretty hardy, even though they come from tropical locations. However they might have to be protected from temperatures and need particular care.

Usually, Serama chicken lose a few feathers everyday and moult. The Serama chicken is extremely popular as pets and as a decorative breed.

The lifespan of Serama chicken is 7 years, with a few alive as long as 10 years.


Serama chicken is a true bantam breed, meaning there are no standard version of this strain.

After the growth of this strain, it has always been popular as pets and also very popular as a decorative chicken strain.

They aren’t only well known because it’s native area but also highly popular throughout the world.

The breed was admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 2011.

Serama chicken is quite vertical little bird, and it is breast is large and pushed upwards with all the wings nearly touching the earth.

Due to their look, they are described as musicians and chickens in Malaysia.

Their body is short and well-muscled with breast transported high, complete and forward. They have wings in proportion.

Their shoulders are set high. The tail of Serama chicken is taken high, pointing upward and full and held close to the body.

You can find no or little space between the tail and their body.

The mind is small and carried well back.

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