How do you identify a Vechur cow?

The Vechur cattle are a smaller sized and native Indian strain of Bos indicus cattle. The strain was named after the village Vechoor at the Kottayam area of the Kerala state in India.

Vechur cattle are the tiniest of all cattle breeds in the world. Their color change and could be any.

Both cows and bulls have horns that are small and curved backward. Height of this Vechur cattle is about 90 cm.

As well as their own entire body weight is about 130 kg.

Vechur cow benefits

Though the Vechur cattle are small in dimension, they are very good for milk production.

The Vechur cattle are active and powerful animals. The cows are extremely good milk manufacturers, making around 3 liters of milk a day.

They need less feed care and upkeep. Milk of the Vechur cows is believed to have medicinal properties, and milk is not hard to digest due to smaller globule size.

The bulls are previously employed to get work, and strong in comparison with their body size.

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According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Vechur cattle breed is the cows breed in the world.

The breed is well known and appreciated for the bigger amount of milk production compared to the total quantity of food that it requires. Sosamma Iype, also a Professor of Genetics and Animal breeding saved the breed from extinction.

There was A conservation unit launched from the year of 1989. And in 1998, a conservation trust was formed to carry on the work.

The Vechur cattle became infrequent when the native animals were crossbred with exotic animals.

Along with the strain has been popular in Kerala before the 1960s. It had been recorded on the World Watch List of Domestic Animal Diversity in 2000 of the FAO, also in it is ‘Critical-Maintained Breeds List’.

The strain was listed pointing to impending extinction, as breeds are contained in the list when the number of bulls and breeding cows drop into low levels. There are about 200 cows are supposed to exist today.

And the majority of them (nearly 100) is at the Veterinary College.

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