How many eggs do Vorwerk chickens lay?

Vorwerk chicken is a double purpose rare strain originating in Germany. The strain was named after the therapist, Oskar Vorwerk.

It was his aim to develop an attractive chicken breed which was easy to raise and has been a good coating and a great sized meat manufacturer.

Oskar Vorwerk started to make a medium-sized, pragmatic fowl with all the belted plumage design of this Lakenvelder at the start of 1990.

Vorwerk Chicken Characteristics

Vorwerk chicken is a strong and compact bird. It has a breast, wide spine.

The mind of Vorwerk chickens is broad and the facial skin is feathered. They’ve medium-sized spoonful that’s bright red in color.

They have small white earlobes and medium span wattles.

Their legs are of slate blue colour and have four feet. Their plumage is glossy and soft. Neck, their head and tail are all solid black, with the rest a buff color.

They have orange-red eyes and their skin colour is gray.

Standard Vorwerk roosters pounds around 2.5-3.0 kg and hens about 2.0-2.5 kg. There are just two bantam versions of this chicken breed. Along with the US bantam standards of Vorwerk chicken is different from the European standards.

In particular Vorwerk bantam roosters from the Europe are 910 grams, and hens are 680 g. However, the in US the strain is smaller at 765 g for roosters and 650 grams for hens.

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Vorwerk chicken is sturdy, alert and active. It is a dual purpose breed suitable for meat and eggs production.

They are flighty, for maintaining them confined, and decent fencing is required. They have excellent foraging abilities and choice for range method.

However they do well in confinement.

The girls are fast growers and mature quickly. Vorwerk chickens are believed to be a hardy breed that will continue to lay throughout the winter.

The hens lay moderate sized light brown eggs. Even the roosters are tolerant of one another and you can keep more than 1 rooster in the flock.

Vorwerk chicken really is a more pleasant and relatively calm chicken strain. And they are easily handled and it is quite easy to tame the chickens.


The crucial difference in appearance between both of these breeds would be the Vorwerk chicken’s dark gold foundation color, as opposed to the White of the Lakenvelder.

In North America, sometimes the Vorwerks are incorrectly known as the Golden Lakenvelder. However, the Golden Lakenvelder is a variety that is plumage and can be another breed in the Vorwerk.

Different chicken breeds were used for creating the Vorwerk chicken. Which includes; Andalusian, Buff Sussex, Buff Orpington, and Lakenvelder chicken.

The breed is rare now and was almost lost following the Second World War.

There is a bantam version of Vorwerk chicken strain. Nevertheless, the typical version hasn’t been accepted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.