How many types of Stink Bugs are there?

There are around 200 types of Stink Bugs in the United States alone. Most of the stink bugs are herbivorous(feed on plants sap and fruits), only a few are carnivorous(feed on other insects, caterpillars, and herbivorous stink bugs). The most of stink bugs eat plants sap, feed on the growing fruits on the host plant. Stink bugs are also called shield bugs.

The most common herbivorous stink bugs that are visible around the house are the brown marmorated stink bugs. Other stink bugs are Green stink bug, Green shield bug, Southern green stink bug, Rhaphisgaster nebulosa, Oebalus pugnax, Dolycoris baccarum, Asopinai, Pentatominae, Graphosoma lineatum, Bagrada bug, Perillus bioculatus, Chlorochroa, Loxa, Brochymena, Yellow spotted stink bug and many more.

The carnivorous stink bugs or predatory stink bugs feed on the insects. These predatory stink bugs are useful for the farmers, they kill most of the pests and even the herbivorous stink bugs.

But the predatory stink bugs are very few for example –

  • Spined Soldier bugs
  • Anchor bugs
  • Arboreal stink bugs
  • Two-spotted stink bugs

The predatory stink bugs are useful for the farmers, they kill most of the pests and even the herbivorous stink bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Stink bugs stink?

Stink bugs stink, they are famous for their pungent odor. The unpleasant odor is released only when stink bugs feel insecure or threatened. The pungent odor will help the stink bugs from predators.

The pungent smell is their defense system. The chemical that produces this odor is stored in the abdomen. Most of us would have experienced this odor when we tried to handle the bug. Some say it smells like strong coriander or cilantro, and few say its total garbage smell.

Repelling the stink bugs from the house is the best defense mechanism, else your living room smells so bad. Start using deadly homemade traps for keeping bugs away. The bugs invade homes during winter, so always be ready with the repellents and traps. Though they do not harm people or pets, their smell and the size will put you off.

Can you flush a stink bug down the toilet?

Yes, you can flush a stink bug down the toilet. But how many times do you flush? There won’t be one stink bug, there will be many at your house. Not every time you can use this trick. Use the most affordable solution the aluminum tray, desk lamp, and soapy water – a simple homemade trap. Once in the morning, you can flush this water along with dead stink bugs down the toilet.

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