How much does a peacock cost?

For its bright, long, luxurious tail, a peacock is remembered. The male peacock, part of the pheasant family, is called a peafowl, while a woman is known as a peahen. The distinction between the two is that, with a pinch of yellow pigment, the females appear to have a brown and grey hue. On ranches where they are reproduced, peacocks can sometimes be found, and the price for one will depend on the size, weight, geographical area, and also the person selling it.

About how much does it cost for a peacock?

A grown peacock will usually cost anywhere from $35 to as much as $275. Birds that have straight toes with no problems are going to be far closer to the upper end, whereas birds with a defect will be in the $35 to $55 range, such as a black spot or weak toes.

Known as peachicks, chicks can range anywhere from $10 to $30.

Hatching eggs will set you back from $45 to $85 anywhere. Many breeders need the purchase of a minimum of 4 eggs at once.

We did some research on different kinds and, as seen below, listed the price standards.


$50 to $100 Black Shoulder
Cameo-$200 to 250 dollars
India Blue, 50 to 75 dollars
Pied—175 dollars to 250 dollars
Spalding, 75 to 125 dollars
White-200 to 250 dollars

What additional prices are there?
Many farmers would need to get these birds purchased locally. Many farms would not ship them out of state because of the size and also health and wellness concerns, but if the distribution can be made by breeders, the price will start at $100.

The expense of owning a bird, finger monkey, and goat is also checked out.
A fenced cage would be needed because these birds can fly. Bear in mind that the peacock has a wingspan of six feet, so ample space will need to be sufficient. As an example, suggests constructing a fence at least eight feet high with the closure of a poultry wire.

Although maintenance is very easy for these birds, make sure to take into account the cost of food each month. These birds can consume food in captivity, such as maize, fruit, nuts, worms, reptiles, ants, crickets, and wheat. Plan to budget each month for around $10 to $15.

Tips to be reminded of:
Peacock Cost Ensure that the chicks are not jam-packed as overcrowding can cause a lot of harm.

At all times, make sure the water stays safe. Clean the water tank at least once a week, where possible.

Smaller sized peachicks also consume protein-rich foods as this will help the smaller chicks grow at a safe and balanced pace.

Sometimes, some individuals wonder whether a peacock can fly. The reply? Yeah, they can climb, but not incredibly high or very high.

How do I save money, exactly?
It is most likely that the bulk of birds would have to be purchased locally. To find birds that suit your requirements, it is best to get in touch with a local farmer. Note that once ready for sale, eggs as well as chicks will go very quickly. If a waiting list exists, it is strongly recommended that you sign up to ensure that one can be preserved.

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