How smart are pygmy goats?


What do you know about animals like these?

A baby goat is called a child, but did you know that “kidding” is said to be a goat giving birth?
Goats are sociable animals and are often sad if separated from their companions or removed from them, but they are not flock-oriented like sheep.
They are one of the cleanest animals and are much more selective than cows, horses, goats, pigs, and even dogs as feeders.
Goats are animals that are really intelligent and curious. Their inquisitive nature is exemplified in their relentless desire to discover and study everything they find unfamiliar.
By bleating, they interact with each other. Mothers also call their young people (children) to make sure they remain close by. Soon after mothers give birth, mother and kid goats hear each other’s calls.

Goats can be taught their name and when called to come.
They are eaters who are really picky. In pursuit of clean and tasty food, they have very responsive lips, which they use to “mouth” stuff. Sometimes they refuse to eat hay that for a day has been stepped on or lying around loose.
Goats use the sound of sneezing as a warning. Both actual or imaginary, they use a sneeze to alert each other of danger.
They are highly intelligent and curious and very often do not receive praise for being the intelligent and caring beings they really are.
Goats don’t like water and tend to hop over streams and puddles rather than walk into them.

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