How to determine when a Cow is in Heat?

A proper determination of a Cow in heat and right timing of insemination will determine a good Dairy farm. Failure to detect heat in cow, will be a huge economical loss to the breeder. Below are the common signs of Heat in cattle.


Signs of Heat in Cattle

  • The animal is excited, restless and nervous.
  • Frequent bellowing and reduced feed intake.
  • Smelling, licking and mounting other animals.
  • Standing still when being mounted, also known as standing heat
  • Frequent micturition or urination
  • Clear mucous discharge from the vulva
    , and sometimes resembling string sticking around the vulva
  • Swollen vulva and congestion and hyperemia of membrane
  • Raised position of the tail
  • Slight decrease in milk production
  • On palpation, the uterus will be turgid and the cervix will open.
Signs of Heat in Cattle

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