Hungarian Grey cattle facts

The Hungarian Grey cattle are an ancient strain of domestic cattle indigenous to Hungary. It is a beef cattle bred and raised for meat production.

However, it is also fantastic as a draught breed. The strain is also known by various other titles such as Hungarian Steppe, White Hungarian, Grey Hungarian, Magyar szürkemarha, or Magyar alföldi (Hungarian).

Hungarian Grey cattle breed information

The Hungarian Grey cattle are small to moderate-sized creatures and are slender and tall. Their coat color ranges from.

The calves are born wheat-colored such as other Podolic cattle breeds and become grey at around three months of age.

Both bulls and cows normally have longhorns, and their horns are led upward and curved.

The cows hit a height of 135-140 cm, along with 145-155 cm to get bulls.

The average body weight of these cows varies in 500 to 600 kg. And the bulls on weight between 800 and 900 kg.

Hungarian Grey cattle benefits

Previously the Hungarian Grey cattle were used as a strain and have been utilized for both meat production and as draught animals. But currently, they are mainly used for meat production.

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The Hungarian Grey cattle are animals that are long-distance and robust. They are strong and quite hardy animals and nicely adapted to pasture systems that are extensive.

That they were used as a draught animal in the Middle Ages and early modern times. But currently the breed is utilized for meat production.

They grow relatively quickly and reach maturity quickly, and their beef is of quite great quality.


Hungarian Grey cattle breed belongs to the set of cattle that are Podolic, and it is well adapted to the farming system that is extensive. It came in the east with the 9th-century immigration into the lowlands.

The breed has been used as a draught animal from the Middle Ages and early modern times. However, it’s been strain for adulthood and it has beef standard from 1861.

The breed is maintained as tourist attractions at the Hortobágy National Park and a few other national parks in Hungary. And some farms may be seen in a few places from the Western Hungary. These herds function as gene banks, due ailments.

Numbers of the strain diminished by 1975, and that there were just 300 cattle left. But the figures have grown since then, and there were about 850 cattle in 6 herds from 1982.

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