Icelandic cattle facts

The Icelandic cattle are a dairy farm cattle strain from Iceland which are raised for milk production.

The strain was first brought to the island throughout Iceland’s Settlement. It’s been genetically isolated for centuries, but it is closely related to the cattle breeds in Norway called Nordland and Black sided Trender cows.

Presently the cows are located around the island of Iceland. Strict disease-prevention measures have protected them as not cows are allowed to be imported into Iceland. Today inhabitants of the Icelandic cows count just 75,000 including approximate cows.

Icelandic cattle breed information

The Icelandic cows are fairly smaller sized dairy cows breed with a small body that is sized. About 95 percent of these creatures are polled.

They are animals with over a hundred color schemes and about 6 primary colors. The most common colors of the animals are reddish or reddish pied, brindle, brown, and black or black pied.

The cows have well developed udders.

The typical bodyweight of the cows is about 430 kg. And the bulls on average weight about 600 kg.

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Icelandic cattle benefits

Icelandic cattle are a dairy cattle breed. They are raised chiefly for milk production, but also production.

The Icelandic cattle are rugged and relatively smaller sized creatures. The cows are milk producers.

And on a typical, the cows could produce approximately 6000 kg of milk per year, and also some excellent cows even create.

Milk of the Icelandic cows is made of very excellent quality comprising about 4.0 percent butterfat articles and approximately 3.33 percentage protein.

The animals are rather docile in temperament just like most other dairy cattle breeds. The breed is also great for beef production.

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