Illawarra cattle breed information

The Illawarra cows are a dual-purpose strain of cows from Australia that are high in milk and meat production.

The strain was started by dairymen. By simply introducing the bloodlines of a number of dairy cattle, their herd enhanced. For producing this strain, the Milking Shorthorn, Ayrshire, and Devon cows were employed.

Illawarra cattle breed information

Illawarra cows are moderate to large animals with framework. They are usually can be of rich, complete reddish, a rich red with a small white to the flanks or body or a full rich roan.

They are fairly light in the front however increasing in width and depth towards the hindquarters. Both bulls and cows are all usually horned.

They have dark pigmentation and powerful dark hooves. Udder of these cows ought to be well attached and capacious but not pendulous back and front. Photo and info from and Wikipedia.

Illawarra cattle breed benefits

Illawarra cattle are dual-purpose creatures. They’re kept for meat and milk production.

The Illawarra cows are creatures that are hardy and they’re well adapted to nearly all climatic problems. They are adapted to the current weather under 0 degrees Celsius and surpassing 40 degrees Celsius.

They may get the most from the feed, and don’t need much additional feeding. The creatures are very docile and they’re also known for their wellbeing. They are easy to deal with.

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The Illawarra cows are extremely great milkers and may produce huge amounts of milk. Their milk is of top quality comprising butterfat and high protein.

The average milk production of these cows is roughly 6733 liters, based on this 2010 Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Report using a butterfat content of 3.95 percent and 3.29 percent protein. The strain is good for beef production.


The title of this breed has been abbreviated from the Australian Shorthorn. And it was called the following Illawarra, New South Wales in which they created from Shorthorn imports and other strains.

Dairying became popular as a business in Australia from the 1840s. For generating beef and before that period the Illawarra cattle had largely been employed. Presently the breed is available in a number of regions of the world.

Live animals and embryos have been categorized into Central America, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, United States, New Zealand, the Pacific Island, Canada, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

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