Irish Moiled cattle breed

The Irish Moiled cattle are a breed of cattle from Ireland which are raised for both beef and milk production. It is a rare breed of cattle located in County Sligo, County Leitrim, and County Donegal. But currently, the strain is located throughout Ireland.

The breed is one of the oldest breeds of cows in Ireland, and it’s earned the reputation as a truly dual-purpose breed.

It was traditionally a milk cows strain, for producing milk and high-quality beef from poor quality grazing, but now good.

Irish Moiled cattle breed information

The Irish Moiled cattle are sized animals.

They are typically red in color with regions along the back and bottom, and flecked faces.

They are polled. They have a dome on their foreheads.

The mature cows approximately 650 kg on average weight.

And the typical bodyweight of the mature bulls is about 800 kg.

Irish Moiled cattle benefits

Irish Moiled cattle are dual-purpose animals. They are used for both milk and meat production.

The Irish Moiled cattle are generally of temperament and they are very simple to handle. The cows are very fertile and can produce a calf every 12 months if kept in good health and body condition.

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The cows are excellent milkers and they can create up to 5000 kg of milk per lactation. The strain is very good for meat production.

Their beef is of excellent quality. They need care for shielding them and producing the beef greasy, although the breed is well famous for producing top-quality beef in poor conditions. Irish Moiled cattle are excellent grazers.


The Irish Moiled cows have been powerful in proportion to their numbers with other strains in the milk contests in competition. The breed was called from the term ‘Maol’. The term ‘Maol’ references to and the dome that these cows don’t have horns and are Gaelic.

The breed declined in numbers in the twentieth century as it had been superseded by new more cattle breeds. The entire population’s decrease was so dramatic that the 1970s had reduced to less than 30 cows the number.

And these 30 cows were preserved by two breeders (David Swan of Dunsilly along with James Nelson of Maymore) in Northern Ireland. The Irish Moiled Cattle Society was formed to develop and enhance the breed. Along with also the Society was revived in 1982 with the encouragement of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

There are approximately 140 members of this Irish Moiled Cattle Society with over breeders on the other being in Northern Ireland and the mainland of Great Britain and the South of Ireland.

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