Is a Hen a Boy?

A chicken is a type of bird.

A hen is an adult female chicken.

A rooster (US) or cockerel (UK) is an adult male chicken.

In the US, ‘cockerel’ is also used, but generally means a younger male, under 1 year old. You might hear some people say that ‘cock’ is used as an abbreviated way of saying cockerel in the UK. I don’t know why Americans seem to think this – cock means the same thing in the UK as it does in the US, and does not refer to a chicken outside of Shakespeare plays (and, even then, its usually a penis joke!).

A chick is the offspring of a hen and a cockerel/rooster.

A pullet is a hen that is under 1 year old (or just a young hen, if speaking informally about chickens).

Another User Commented out:

A chicken is a chicken

A chick is a baby chicken

A pullet is a young hen. A hen is a female chicken

A young rooster is a Cockerel. A rooster is a male chicken.

Chicken terminology in a nutshell.

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