Is there such a thing as a black cow?

The Welsh Black cattle breed is a dual-purpose animal that is raised for both meat and milk production.

The breed is native to Wales. Plus it descended in the hill country and the demanding mountain of Wales from cattle of Pre-Roman Britain.

Welsh Black Cattle Characteristics

Welsh Black cattle are big sized animal. These cattle are black in colour, as its name implies.

The strain is naturally horned, however there are also naturally polled (hornless) strains.

In the strain that is horned, the creatures have white horns .

Welsh Black cattle in several other colours were more common previously. And crimson animals occur occasionally.

The average dwell bodyweight of the cows is about 600-800 kg. And the adult bulls on weight approximately 950-1150 kg, and occasionally more.

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Welsh Black Cattle benefits

The Welsh Black cattle are dual-purpose animals. They are great for both milk and meat production. However, they are most acceptable for commercial meat production.

Welsh Black cattle are extremely hardy creatures. Along with their nature combined with their habit of surfing as well as grazing makes them perfect for rough pasture.

They are well suited to both heathland and moorland, and for conservation grazing.

The cows are milk manufacturers. Along with the strain is quite good for meat production. They’re quite great for beef production.


It’s been suggested that the breed is based on cattle from the Iberian Peninsula. And there’s proof that the breed, or its forerunners, existed in ancient times.

The cattle that were black raised and have been bred in Wales and it’s surrounding areas for over a thousand years.

Initially there were two different breeds of Welsh Black cattle. One is the hardy North Wales type and the other is that the larger, rangier South Wales kind.

The two types are referred to as dual purpose animal. Now the Welsh Black cows have been established throughout the Uk. And they’re also doing well from Canada to New Zealand.

Welsh Black cattle initially arrived from 1970 through the United States in Canada and lead importations have now followed.

There are also good numbers of the creature are available in the USA. But now the breed is among the list of native breeds in Wales.

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