Istoben cattle breed information

The Istoben cattle is a strain of cows which are increased for milk and meat production. They were called after the payoff of Istoben where there was a big creamery created.

They were created at the Kirov area (former Vyatka state ) by crossing the local Great Russian cows using the Brown Swiss, Kholmogory, Dutch and East Friesian cows strains. The maturation of dairy husbandry in this area was helped by a feed base, the markets for butter-making that were coordinated, and dairy goods.

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From the late 19th and in the 20th century, the Brown Swiss and Kholmogory breeds’ importation started. Along with also the Yaroslavl breed was erased afterward. There was an infusion of East Friesian blood through 1936-1937.

The crossing of the local cattle using the breeds mentioned above was quite limited and had no significant influence on the productivity of their regional herds. Emphasis was placed on fat content throughout the choice. The Istoben cattle breed was recognized in 1943.

Istoben cattle breed information

The Istoben cattle are medium-sized creatures. Their coat color is largely black or black and white (up to 70 percent), and sometimes reddish or red and white (roughly 25 percent).

They have long and deep chest but not wide enough. Their ribs are well sprung, flat with a massive distance between them.
Their back and loin are, and the withers are narrow and moderate in height. Rump of those Istoben cows is long and quite wide at the hips but slim at the pin bones.

The udder of cows is cup-shaped and moderate in size.

Both cows and bulls have horns. Dwell bodyweight of the older cows differs from 430 to 480 kg. And the bulls on average burden between 790 and 720 kg.

Istoben cattle breed benefits

Istoben cattle are creatures. They are used for both milk and meat production. The cows are great milkers.

The Istoben cattle are powerful and streamlined . The cows have clearly-defined milk attributes. According to the results of the 1981 evaluation, average milk production of the Istoben cows was 3107 kg, using a fat content of about 3.83 percent.

However, some fantastic cows can produce milk. The strain is also good for meat production with satisfactory beef qualities.

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