Jakharana goat breed information

The Jakharana goat (also spelled out Jakrana or Jakhrana) is a milk goat breed that’s mostly raised for milk production. It is a significant dairy goat strain of the Rajasthan, India’s semi-arid tract.

The breed was named after the name of this village which is the native place of those goats. Even the Jakharana goat is dispersed within a restricted region and the population size is small.

These temples in their pristine form are focused in the surrounding region of Jakhrana village of Behror tehsil of Alwar district in Rajasthan state.

Actually, the habitat of this breed is a small hamlet at the Aravali mountain ranges. Today this goat strain is utilized for milk production. But the Jakharana goat can be good for meat production, and their skins are very popular with all the tanning industry.

Jakharana goat breed information

Jakharana goat is a medium to a large-sized creature with a compact physique. It is fairly like the Beetal goat in appearance, however the Jakharana goats are longer.

Their coat color is black with white spots on the ears and muzzle. Their encounter is with forehead. They have lustrous and brief hair.

Both does and bucks usually have horns. Their horns are short-headed upward and backward. Even the Jakharana goats have leafy and falling ears.

Along with their ears are medium in length. Udder of the Jakharana does is well developed with long teats that are conical and big in size.

Body elevation of the bucks is 84 cm, and 77 cm to the does.

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The bucks weight about 55 kg. And body weight of the does is about 45 kg.

Jakharana goat benefits

The Jakharana goat is really a milk goat breed. It’s a significant dairy goat breed of a tract of the Rajasthan State of India.

Jakharana goats are all amazing animals. What exactly are good milk producers, and they are primarily used for milk production.

The average daily milk production of the Jakharana goat varies from 2-3 kg for a period of about 180-200 days. They are an effective breed of goat.

Kidding is only in most situations, although twins are common in 40 percent cases (triplets are not uncommon).

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