Jangmigye chicken

Jangmigye chicken is a breed of long-tail fowl which originated in the Mahan Confederacy area of early Korea (modern North Korea). It is called Ginkkori-Dak in Korea. The strain is raised mainly for function.

Even though, their amount is restricted. There is a birds . Korea is involving China and Japan along with the are the ancestors of and likely the most chicken also.

However there aren’t much history concerning this chicken breed. History has been forgotten and lost. The Jangmigye chicken appears nearly extinct.

Many Korean individuals go upon the peninsula to discover that a Jangmigye chicken. More than a few people are attempting to reestablish the breed themselves.

Jangmigye chicken really is a gorgeous breed that appeared in a single cup assortment with Black Breasted Red or White plumage.

Their plumage is gorgeous but that which makes them wonderful is the simple fact that their tails are massive. Saddle feathers and their tail drape.

The Jangmigye has lots of similarities with the Phoenix chicken, and this can be developed by Japanese long-tails.

Even the Jangmigye chickens have reddish colored comb. Their wattles are red and reddish mixing white or white is described as by earlobes. Their legs are lead or dark grey. They’ve red-brown eyes and skin colour is yellowish.

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Hens lay medium and brown colored sized egg whites.

On average male Jangmigye weight about 1.2-1.8 kg and females about 0.8-1.3 kg.

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