Jonica goat facts

The Jonica goat is really a gorgeous breed of goat mostly kept for milk production. The breed is in Puglia, in the state of Taranto in southern Italy.

Nevertheless, this Jonica goat’s specific origins are unclear. It’s thought that’those goats have originated from crossing with all the Maltese breed of local varieties.

Jonica goat is dispersed in the Province of Matera southern Italy in the Province of Taranto, Murge, Calabria, Province of Catanzaro, Province of Lecce, and the Province of Reggio.

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Jonica goat is a medium-sized creature. Normally they will have a white coat (but sometimes brown or marginally rose), with Fawn markers or speckled on neck and head.

Usually, both bucks and will not have horns and a white face. They have skin and their hair is long and after throughout the back.

The typical height of this Jonica bucks is about 70 cm and 78 cm for the does.

On average the bucks weight, approximately 68 kg and the does about 48 kg.

Jonica goat benefits

Even the Jonica goat is retained for milk production. But as a moderate-sized goat, it’s also somehow good for meat production. They are also raised by some folks as pets.

Even the Jonica goats are a great choice for small to medium-sized farms.

They’re amazing and can be raised as pets.

The does are good milk manufacturers. Typically, a doe creates about 350 to 400 liters of milk per year.

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