Kangayam cattle of Tamil Nadu

The Kangayam cows are a native breed of India. The strain derives its name in the Kangeyam town located in the Tiruppur area of Tamil Nadu state.

It is mainly increased as a draught animal but also fairly good for milk production.

Kangayam cattle breed information

Both small and huge varieties of those Kangayam cattle have bodies that are streamlined with short, stout legs and powerful hooves.

The number has backward horns that are straight with a small curve. While the variety has upwards and backward.

Their mind is of medium size with a slightly prominent forehead. They have erect small and pointed ears and their eyes are dark and prominent with black circles around them.

Their back is flat, broad, and short and the throat is short and thick.

The dewlap is thin, along with also the Kangayam cattle’s quarters are slightly drooping and extends only up to the sternum.

Their sheath is tucked up to the body, along with also the hump from bulls is well developed. Their skin is dark inside fine and pigment in texture, and that the hair is very short and nice.

They’ve tail of moderate length using a black button reaching below the hocks. The main coloration of these Kangayam cows is generally white or gray.

The cows are of grey with markings in the knees, and color, and just. Though the bulls are of dark or grey using black grey coloring on the neck, the head, hump, and quarters.

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Kangayam cattle benefits

The Kangayam cows are mainly employed as a draught cattle breed. The cows are fairly good milk manufacturers and their milk is of great quality.

Kangayam cows are extremely active and powerful animals. They are highly valued as draft animals in South India.

The bullocks are extremely potent and have a good capacity for work. Along with the bullocks are used for different types of agricultural functions and for functions like load hauling.

The cows aren’t among the milk producers. They create an average of 540 kg milk per lactation. Their milk is of really good quality and extremely nutritious, containing approximately 3.9 percent fat content without a bad fat.

The total number of this strain is decreasing, mainly due to poor government support for native cattle breeds. Although, human conservative attempts are bearing some excellent results.


The strain conforms mostly to the Southern Indian Mysore type. And it’s thought that there is evidence of that the blood of those Ongole cows in their composition.

Possibly this mixture has given its larger size in contrast to the Kangayam cows. They are also understood by some other titles in their native area, for example, Kangeyam Kanganad and Kongu.

Currently, they are available and filmed in India in the southern and southern fields of the Coimbatore district of Madras state.

In the event of size, the Kangayam cattle are of two types, one is small and yet another is big. The larger variety is located in the regions of Aravakurchi, Karur and Dindigul subdivisions. While the number is found largely in the Kangayam, Pollachi, Dharampuram, Erode, Paddadam, and Udmalpet subdivisions.

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