Kherigarh cattle breed information

The Kherigarh cattle are a draught breed of cattle. It is a cows breed of India. The main breeding tract of the breed comprises ‘Kheri’ district and a couple of creatures are found in the Pilibhit district that is adjoining. And the strain was named after this area or by a village named’Kherigarh’.

Several other names such as Kharigarh, Kheri and Khari also know the Kherigarh cows. They are related to this Malvi cattle breed.

Though the horn creation is typical of this lyre-horned Malvi kind, the creatures of the breed are much lighter in overall appearance compared to Malvis.

The Kherigarh cattle are primarily raised as a draught breed. The bulls are used for draft functions.

Kherigarh cattle breed information

The Kherigarh cattle are smaller sized animals. They are typically white or gray in colour with thin and small face.

Both bulls and cows have horns. Along with their horns are lean and upstanding. The bulls have relatively huge horns measuring about 1 to 1.5 ft.

Along with the bulls have not smaller horns than the cows. Ears of the Kherigarh cows are small and they have eyes that are glowing.

Hump has been well developed by the bulls, and the cows have humps that were relatively tiny.

Dewlap of the Kherigarh cows is slim and pendulous and starts from right under the chin and goes right down to the brisket.

They have deep barrel and broad and tight and short sheath. Their tail is extended ending at white limbs and switches is tight.

The cows have small-sized udder that’s closely connected to the entire body.

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Bodyweight of the mature bulls is roughly 480 kg. Along with the cows on typical weight about 340 kg.

Kherigarh cattle benefits

Kherigarh cattle are very strong animals. They are used as a draught animal.

The Kherigarh cows are somewhat far smaller in size but very lively and hardy as compared to their body size.

They are excellent will thrive on grazing only and grazers. The bullocks are very great for lighting drafts and also good for quick and light transport. They become suitable for working at their 4 years of age.

It is maintained that the bullocks can haul about 1.5 tons of load in a cart at a rate of 3 to 4 kph and space of 30-35 km a day.

The cows are poor milkers, and their milk production range in 300 to 500 kg per lactation. Nowadays the Kherigarh cattle are raised mostly on zero input systems.

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