Know about South Devon cattle

The South Devon cattle are a fantastic breed of cows from England, that are raised for both meat and milk production.

The strain originates from the counties of Cornwall and Devon at Southwest England.

They have been a distinct breed of cows because of the 16th century. The strain is the biggest of the British native cattle breeds but is not associated with Devon cattle which are also from England.

South Devon cattle breed information

The South Devon cattle are large animals that are a wealthy, medium red with copper tints, however they varies in color and may even look slightly mottled.

They are the largest of the cattle breeds that are British. They are available in both polled and horned version.

The bulls grow faster and adults sooner. The cows are also early maturing and could be calved at about 2 years of age.

The cows on weighing about 600-700 kg. And the average body fat of the bulls is between 1200 and 1600 kg. Though the bulls that were largest listed have been weighed 2000 kg.

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South Devon cattle Advantages

The South Devon cattle are dual purpose creatures. Cattle breed for meat production Though they are now mainly raised as a meat.

Presently South Devon cows have well established themselves on five continents.

They are adaptable to varying climatic conditions and are very hardy. And the strain have been accepted and exhibited powerful performance for manufacturing and profitability, wherever they have been released.

The first South Devon cows were introduced to the United States from the year of 1969. Along with also the North American South Devon Association was formed because of registration, development and advertising purpose of this cattle breed in the USA in the year of 1974.

The South Devon cattle are available in many states of Australia. They have been bought from England.

South Devon cattle History

The South Devon cows are thought to have descended from the big red cattle of Normandy.

The red cattle of Normandy were imported during the Norman invasion of England.

Over 100 years of choice for performance have given the South Devon cows their attributes of maternal and meat traits.

By the year 1800, it had been known as a strain. The strain was considered as a dual purpose creature. And because the 1960s the breed was used as a strictly beef strain.

But recently, there were efforts to re-introduce the South Devon cattle breed into dairy farming.

Now the breed is available in a number of countries of the planet. And they are used for meat production.

The South Devon Herd Book Society, that’s the official governing body of the breed has been set in 1891.

And the breed becomes one of those 14 breeds of cows whose herd books date back to the second half of the 19th century.

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