Know about Telemark cows

The Telemark cows are very beautiful and older breeds of cows. They were originated in Norway, and also so are Norway breed of cows which were standardized as a breed as early as 1856.

The strain is also referred to as Telemark or Telemarkfe cow. The Telemark cows employed for both meat and their milk, and are dual-purpose creatures.

Telemark cows breed information

Telemark cattle are small to medium-sized creatures, and they usually don’t weight more than 500 kg.

They are reddish in color. The cows are white on the underside. And the majority of the Telemark cattle’s face is blended in color.

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The chest, udder, stomach, legs, and tail should be white. Both bulls and cows have horns.

The average live body weight of this Telemark cattle is not more than 500 kg.

Telemark cows benefits

The Telemark cattle are dual-purpose animals. They’re used for both milk and meat production.

The Telemark cows are extremely hardy and lively. They mainly found in southeastern Norway’s regions and may be well accommodated.

They’re regarded as good grazing animals, and smaller size and their agility helps them to use a huge part of grazing land together wash areas and terrain.

The cows are milk yielders. They are an efficient milk yielder in a high-roughage diet. Their meat is also of excellent quality.


They were formally exhibited in Kviteseid, Norway. In crossing local mountain strains and then they were used.

During this time the breed became well established during eastern and southern Norway.

Traditional cattle breeds of Norway then suffered a significant fall off in numbers, largely as a result of high prevalence of their Telemark cows.

However, the strain become infrequent in the 1980s. And there were measures put into place for protecting breeds.

There were 400 creatures of this Telemark cattle breed from Norway in 2006.

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