Kri-Kri goat breed

The Kri-Kri goat is really a feral goat occupying the Eastern Mediterranean.

It’s also called by some other names like Bezoar goat Agrimi, Cretan goat, or Cretan Ibex.

Kri-Kri goats are all feral goats. They have been hunted for their tender meat.

The Kri-Kri goat is also generally timid animal and avoid tourists.

They rest during the daytime. They may jump some distance or climb apparently sheer cliffs and are excellent climbers. They are strong and very hardy animals.

Kri-Kri goat is a small to moderate-sized goat strain.

It’s a brown coat with a darker ring round it. Bucks are often larger than the does, at times the bucks weight roughly of the does.

Both bucks and will not have horns with knobs and annual rings. Along with also their horns are curved backward.

The bucks usually have a beard, which seldom happens in does. They have a black line around the trunk, which extends out of their neck.

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There are also black patterns on the elements of their legs. Bodyweight of the Kri-Kri bucks is approximately 90 kg. And the does on weight about 26-42 kg.


The Kri-Kri goat had been regarded as a subspecies of wild goats. And now the strain is located only on the island of Greece Crete and three small islands just offshore.

These three islands have been Dia, Agii Pantes, and Thodorou. The breed isn’t thought to be indigenous to Crete. And most likely having been imported into the island.

The goat was common throughout the Aegean, but the peaks of Western Crete’s 2400 meters White Mountains will be their last strongholds.

This mountain range is protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and hosts the following 14 endemic animal species.

Their range extends to the White Mountains, the Samaria National Forest, and the islets of Dia, Thodorou, and Agii Pandes in total. And some were introduced on two islands lately. The goat had been under threat with a population under 200, by 1960.

Today there are still only about 2000 animals on the island and they are considered vulnerable. Hunting for scarcer grazing grounds their tender meat and ailments are the principal causes of decreasing their amounts.

Hybridization can also be a threat because the Kri-Kri goat population has interbred with goats. Today hunting them is strictly prohibited.

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