Laoshan goat breed facts

The Laoshan goat is a dairy product that originated in the Shandong Province of China. The breed is mainly raised for their milk production. The Laoshan goat was developed with goats of another type, initially introduced into Loushan by German preachers. These goats have been developed during the past 70 years from choice and updating.

Currently the Laoshan goat is like the purebred Saanen goat in the milk production and body conformation. Read more details regarding the breed.

Laoshan goat breed information

The Laoshan goat is a medium-sized dairy goat strain using compact and strong conformation.

They are closely associated with this Saanen goats, and it will be another milk goat breed. Laoshan goats are white in color with gentle and short hairs.

A huge proportion of the breed are hornless. The does have improved udder.

As a moderate sized dairy goat, average body elevation of the Laoshan dollars is approximately 85 cm, and about 71 cm .

Along with a mature dollar on also a doe weight roughly 48 kg and typical weight of buck about 76 kg.

Laoshan goat breed benefits

Laoshan goat is largely maintained as a milk goat breed. It is suitable for milk production and also pretty good as meat goats.

Laoshan goats are all beautiful dairy goats. They have calm temperament and usually are of behavior that is excellent.

They are dispersed in areas of Shandong province where feed tools and the native pasture provide perfect conditions for milk goats and may be well adapted.

They also demonstrate adaptability into the weather conditions.

The will not be pretty excellent milkers, and they produce about 557 to 870 liters of milk per lactation.

Their lactation period ranges from 8 to 10 weeks. Milk of the Laoshan goat comprise around 4% fat.

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