Lebedyn Cattle breed information

The Lebedyn Cattle is a dairy cows strain from Ukraine. The breed is also known by a few other names such as Lebedin cattle or literary: Лeбeдинcькa, Lebedynska. By crossing Nazi Grey cattle using Brown Swiss bulls the Lebedyn Cattle strain was formed. It was known as a strain in 1950.

As well as the strain was initially bred in the Sumy region and are now raised in the Sumy, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv areas. For further enhancing the Lebedyn Cattle strain, American Brown Swiss bull has been used.

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Lebedyn Cattle breed information

Lebedyn Cattle are large creatures with well-proportioned bodies. The breed has similarities with the Brown Swiss cows in appearance.

Shade of this Lebedyn Cattle vary from almost gray to dark brown. Muzzle the forequarters and sides are a darker shade.

Bulls on pounds about 850 to 950 kg. And also a cow on average weights about 500 to 650 kg.

Lebedyn Cattle benefits

Lebedyn Cattle are largely employed for milk production. They produce excellent quality milk.

The Lebedyn cows are very good milk producers. The cows normally create about 3,000 to 3,700 kg of milk per lactation but produce more.

The Lebedyn cows’ milk is of great quality. Their milk contains high butterfat levels. Butterfat levels averaging 3.76 percentage with a few cows giving over 5 percent. The Lebedyn is really a cattle breed that is pretty fast-growing, and they mature.

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